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But I didn’t drink that much!!


Underage DWI Charges – What Are The Implications?

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The unfortunate truth is that although drivers under 21 years of age make up barely 10% of the drivers on the road they account for roughly 20% of all underage DWI incidents and accidents. The reason for this? It’s down to the fact that most young drivers are still of an age where binge drinking is considered the norm, and not something a responsible adult avoids.

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Suicide Prevention PSA

Suicide prevention is near and dear to my heart. On April 21, 2009 I lost my son to suicide. This video captures the emptiness perfectly.

Transcending Addiction

Overcoming Stigma


Inpatient or Outpatient?


Inpatient or outpatient addiction rehab?

How do you choose which type of rehab is best for you? This flowchart helps makes the decision easier for you.  Know when and why you should consider inpatient hospitalization, residential, or outpatient treatment


Male and female alcohol abusers relapse for different reasons

Male and female alcohol abusers relapse for different reasons

About one third of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) members are women, and although the organization helps both sexes recover from addiction, a new study suggests that it does so in different ways.

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