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The 9 Most Important Things You Learn In Recovery

Thought Catalog

1. Accept other people’s help.

The “it’s my problem, so I’ll fix it myself” mentality won’t get you anywhere except crushed under the weight of a burden too heavy for any one person’s shoulders, no matter how good your intentions are. When someone offers to help, believe that they genuinely want to make your life easier. Appreciate it. Accept it. And the next time they’re struggling, you can help them in return.

2. Do not let your problem become how you define yourself.

While it’s important to be able to admit that something is wrong, it should not be the first that comes to mind when someone asks who you are. You are so much more than “the Bulimic” or “the Manic Depressive;” you are every dream you’ve ever had and every feat you’ll ever accomplish, every bridge you’ve ever burnt and every door you’ll ever open, a hundred sunsets…

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