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hopeThe Hopeworks Community blog has an outstanding post contrasting recovery and disease management.

His focus is on mental illness, but the parallels are clear. One can’t help but reflect on the fact that the addiction recovery movement rose in response to the failure of the mental health system to help addicts recover.

There’s a lot there. It’s worth reading the entire post. Here are a few of my favorite points.

  • Recovery believes that individuals matter.  No degree of impairment or difficulty makes them matter less.
  • Disease management believes that the disease or diagnostic label is the most important thing about anybody.

On recovery vs. symptom management:

  • Recovery  believes the primary thing the  individual recovers is  control over his own life through the acquistion of knowledge, the development of tools that enables him with the support and encouragement of others to begin building the type of life that enables him to…

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  1. it is a very well thought out article


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