Holly L Campbell, CADC, RMSR, SQP

5 Tips to Avoid a DUI

Beat Your DUI

1. Don’t offer too much information

EXPLANATION:  After you’ve been pulled over by a police officer you do not have to answer questions, but you still can be arrested if the officer believes he has probable cause to arrest you for a DUI.

For further explanation and details on this tip visit our Free DUI Tips page.

2. Consider your situation before performing a field sobriety test

EXPLANATION:  A field sobriety test (FST) is administered and evaluated to obtain indicators of impairment to establish probable cause for a DUI arrest.

An officer has most likely already made his mind up whether he is going to arrest you for DUI before requesting you to participate.  When an officer observes cues, or indicators of impairment, that provides the officer with validation for their decision to arrest and is additional evidence that can be used against you.

For further explanation and details on…

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