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The Doctor’s Opinion – Dawn Farm Ed Series

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silkworth Research continues to shed light on the neurobiology of alcohol/other drug addiction. Modern research supports much of what was intuitively and experientially believed by the medical specialists who supported the Alcoholics Anonymous program in its earliest days.  This program will describe a physician’s view of alcoholism, as presented in the literature of Alcoholics Anonymous and updated with the modern neurobiology of addictive illness. It will include a discussion of Dr. Silkworth’s explanation of alcoholism as a twofold disease affecting mind and body, how Dr. Silkworth’s opinion relates to the modern neurobiology of addictive illness, identification of therapy for alcoholism as promoted by Alcoholics Anonymous, and the relationship of this therapy to Dr. Silkworth’s opinion.

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The Doctor’s Opinion on Alcoholism from Dawn Farm

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Do Warrants Expire?

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Our office has found that there is a general understanding that warrants expire.  This is mistaken.  The concept of a statute of limitations, or that points fall off one’s DMV record after three years or that one can file for bankruptcy a second time after ten years may cause such a belief that warrants expire.  Warrants do not expire.  Click on the following link to read more about this – http://www.greghillassociates.com/lawyer-attorney-2010561.html.

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Recovery Checkups

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Bill White on efforts to develop and implement recovery check-up protocols:

There is one sentence in the Standards that deserves particular acknowledgement:  “Recovery check-ups by addiction specialist physicians, just as those by primary care physicians or other providers, may promote sustained recovery and prevent relapse” (p. 13).

. . . The “recovery check-up” language marks an important milestone in the history of addiction medicine and the history of ASAM.  Projects are underway in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Ann Arbor, Michigan [That’s us at Dawn Farm!] to develop recovery checkup protocol for primary care physicians.  Those projects mark the next step in integrating addiction treatment and primary medicine and the next step in extending acute care models of addiction treatment to models of sustained recovery management.

Imagine a day when everyone entering recovery will have an addiction-trained primary care physician and an addiction medicine specialist as sustained resources through the long-term…

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Cultivating Mindfulness to Support Recovery – Dawn Farm Education Series

Addiction & Recovery News

From the Dawn Farm Education Series:

Recent research confirms the efficacy of mindfulness practices to support attaining and sustaining recovery from substance use disorders. This video includes an overview of theory and research supporting mindfulness practices for people with addiction as well as practical techniques to cultivate mindfulness and apply mindfulness practices. The presentation defines mindfulness, reviews the evidence of the positive effects of mindfulness on recovery and demonstrates some basic mindfulness techniques.


Cultivating Mindfulness to Support Recovery from Dawn Farm on Vimeo.

More on the Dawn Farm Education Series here.

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Suicide Prevention and Addiction

A Defendant’s Jail Conversations Are Admissible As Evidence Against Him

Why Not Just Use the Public Defender? Why Hire a Private Attorney?

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Public defenders are often called public pretenders.  Some of our clients do not believe public defenders are attorneys.  These perceptions are undeserved for the most part.  Some of the best attorneys are public defenders.  However, hiring private counsel instead of using the public defender has distinct advantages.  Click on the attached article to read about why hiring private counsel can be the smartest decision one makes in dealing with a criminal case – http://www.greghillassociates.com/lawyer-attorney-2227742.html.

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