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What is Driving on a Suspended License or Without a Valid License?

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It is quite common for our clients on probation to be cited for driving on a suspended license, often due to a DUI.  Sometimes, they simply do not have a license at all.  What is the punishment for each of these crimes?  Are there any defenses?  What must the prosecution prove to obtain a conviction?  Click on the attached particle to find out – http://www.greghillassociates.com/lawyer-attorney-2000395.html.

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Did You Know? Insurance Carriers and Medicaid Now Cover Drug Treatment

Gateway Foundation Alcohol & Drug Treatment

insurance drug treatmentSince the Affordable Care Act (“Obamacare”) went into effect on Jan. 1 2014, all insurance carriers and Medicaid are required to cover the costs associated with treatment for substance use disorders on their insureds’ behalf. As a result, a significant financial barrier for treatment is now lifted for millions of Americans who deserve the chance to get life back on track.

If you know individuals who have been denied insurance benefits for substance abuse and mental health treatment in the past, please let them know the financial hurdle standing in the way of their recovery is no longer an issue.

Gateway Treatment Centers: More Convenient and Better Than Ever

While your life has experienced positive growth, so has Gateway! It was a very busy 2013, opening two new, state-of-the-art Gateway outpatient treatment centers and completing a major makeover at our Lake Villa residential treatment center.

Gateway Chicago River North: To…

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Readiness for change and drug use outcomes after treatment

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This week’s Throwback Sunday is a post about a study on the Transtheoretical Stages of Change (TSOC). It’s relevant due to the ongoing and recent media love for Motivational Interviewing (MI), which is fairly closely tied to the TSOC. (This is disputed, but the motivational interviewing website as 12 pages of search results for “stages of change”.)

Just to be clear, Dawn Farm likes MI. We train staff in MI. We believe it’s a useful tool. However, we also believe it’s often oversold as a treatment for addiction. It may be helpful as a stand-alone intervention for people with low-severity substance use problems. For addiction, it can be very helpful to engage people into other treatments more appropriate for high-severity problems.
Another study finding that the client’s stage of change is a poor predictor of outcomes:

Results failed to support the hypothesis that taking steps should be associated with less…

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Best Ways To Achieve Addiction Recovery From Alcohol

A Calming Tide: Drug, Alcohol, and Behavioral Resource

497270859Alcohol is one of the most used substances in the world in regard to unwinding at the end of the day. Although most people will drink alcohol in moderation, depending upon the state of a person’s life, they may drink more than they should. Just as narcotics can become addicting, so also can alcohol. If you are addicted to alcohol, or if you know someone that is a candidate for addiction recovery, here are a few tips on how to deal with alcohol withdrawal symptoms, and a few alcohol facts that you should know if you are looking for an alcohol rehab center in your area.

Treating Those With Alcohol Addiction

Regardless of who you are, if you are addicted to alcohol, you may need to find help right away. You will know if you are addicted if you simply need to have a drink to process your daily life…

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Dependence on Opium and Its Derivatives Can Lead To the Need for Addiction Treatment

A Calming Tide: Drug, Alcohol, and Behavioral Resource

144978986The inability of any person to stop the use of opium or opiates leads to opiod dependence. This dependence leads to a strong compulsion to take these drugs, and a difficulty in controlling the level of use. When the drug is withdrawn such addicts undergo withdrawal symptoms. The body becomes more tolerant to the drug and this requires constantly increasing dosages to achieve any of the desired effects. Persistent use of opium and its derivatives can harm the liver and affect cognitive functions, while increasing depression.

The use of opium has been around for centuries and it is the purified forms of modern derivatives from this plant that has led to the increasing need for addiction treatment, to help wean those dependent on the drugs. Drug addiction treatment for opiod dependence depends on the extent of the use of the drugs and the habits of the user. Besides medicines, behavioral…

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Alcohol Abuse Treatment

A Calming Tide: Drug, Alcohol, and Behavioral Resource

alc freeOne of the easiest substances for people to become addicted to is alcohol. Because it is legal, many do not realize that they can become addicted to it. Often, people begin drinking in social situations. With bars in virtually every town and city in the country, potential alcoholics can find others with similar problems. Often, they do not even realize they have an addiction to it.

However, alcohol and drug abuse are incredibly similar. Both have the potential to destroy home and work life. Alcoholics may find themselves calling in sick when they are, in fact, hung over from the night before. Friends and family often become tired of drunken tirades and other effects from excessive alcohol consumption.

If you are drinking too much and want help, it is available. There are alcohol abuse treatment centers in every state. You can find one in your area to assist you in…

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Alcohol Facts: The Startling Statistics Of Alcohol Abuse

A Calming Tide: Drug, Alcohol, and Behavioral Resource

491250013Alcohol has been in use by people for thousands of years and evidence of its use is found in almost all civilizations. In the United States, alcohol has served a pivotal social role since the very beginnings of the country. It’s very common for people to have a drink after work or as a way to relieve stress and tension. Yet, many don’t realize that drinking alcohol is more than just a simple social activity, it can turn into a serious addiction. For some, a dependence on alcohol can develop and create have a harmful effect on their daily functioning.

Alcohol Abuse Statistics

According to a recent report published by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, more than 1 out ever 13 adult Americans is seriously  affected by alcohol abuse. Furthermore, there are an estimated 14 million Americans who are suffering from addiction in some form. Additionally, research…

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