Holly L Campbell, CADC, RMSR, SQP

Alcohol Abuse Treatment

A Calming Tide: Drug, Alcohol, and Behavioral Resource

alc freeOne of the easiest substances for people to become addicted to is alcohol. Because it is legal, many do not realize that they can become addicted to it. Often, people begin drinking in social situations. With bars in virtually every town and city in the country, potential alcoholics can find others with similar problems. Often, they do not even realize they have an addiction to it.

However, alcohol and drug abuse are incredibly similar. Both have the potential to destroy home and work life. Alcoholics may find themselves calling in sick when they are, in fact, hung over from the night before. Friends and family often become tired of drunken tirades and other effects from excessive alcohol consumption.

If you are drinking too much and want help, it is available. There are alcohol abuse treatment centers in every state. You can find one in your area to assist you in…

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