Holly L Campbell, CADC, RMSR, SQP

A Calming Tide: Drug, Alcohol, and Behavioral Resource

144978986The inability of any person to stop the use of opium or opiates leads to opiod dependence. This dependence leads to a strong compulsion to take these drugs, and a difficulty in controlling the level of use. When the drug is withdrawn such addicts undergo withdrawal symptoms. The body becomes more tolerant to the drug and this requires constantly increasing dosages to achieve any of the desired effects. Persistent use of opium and its derivatives can harm the liver and affect cognitive functions, while increasing depression.

The use of opium has been around for centuries and it is the purified forms of modern derivatives from this plant that has led to the increasing need for addiction treatment, to help wean those dependent on the drugs. Drug addiction treatment for opiod dependence depends on the extent of the use of the drugs and the habits of the user. Besides medicines, behavioral…

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