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DUI – Field Sobriety Exercises

Florida Criminal & Family Law

In last week’s blog, DUI – Property Damage, I mentioned that there are roadside sobriety exercises, such as the Walk and Turn exercise, the Finger to Nose exercise, and the One Leg Stand exercise, that officers request people to perform during a DUI investigation.

Roadside exercises, also called field sobriety exercises, are tasks designed to measure a person’s coordination, balance, and mental awareness. The roadside tasks are administered by law enforcement officers, in many cases an officer who is a member of a DUI Task Force, after a traffic stop (or at a DUI checkpoint) when the officers have reasonable suspicion that the driver of the vehicle is under the influence, whether it be under the influence of drugs or of alcohol. Administering these roadside tasks transforms a traffic stop into a DUI investigation.

“Reasonable suspicion” is the legal standard of proof required for officers to begin a DUI investigation. In order for an…

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Is Expungement Worth It?

Greg Hill & Associates (310) 782-2500

If one has a conviction for a crime and probation was granted and completed with no problems, one is usually eligible for expungement.  What is expungement anyways?  Is the conviction soaked up like water by a sponge and no longer exists?  Is it erased from one’s record or deleted?  Is it worth it?  Click on the following short article to read answers to these questions –http://www.greghillassociates.com/lawyer-attorney-1859063.html.

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A Doctor’s Note: How Self-Medicating Spirals into Addiction

Gateway Foundation Alcohol & Drug Treatment

By Dr. John Larson
Corporate Medical Director, Gateway Treatment Centers

John Larson Gateway Treatment Centers Dr. John Larson
Corporate Medical Director
Gateway Treatment Centers

For many, addiction unwittingly begins with self-medicating, which is when a person uses substances, like alcohol, marijuana, cocaine or prescription medication, in an attempt to appease symptoms related to physical pain, social anxiety or depression.

For example, take social anxiety—in modest doses alcohol may initially produce a sense of relief because of the effect it has on brain chemistry. However, since alcohol metabolizes in the body very quickly, it soon loses its effect.  Plus, as tolerance develops, drugs or alcohol will become less and less effective. Indeed, with regular, continued use of alcohol or other drugs of choice, the chemistry of the brain will gradually change, worsening feelings of anxiety when alcohol and/or drugs aren’t present—even if an individual is not in a stressful social situation.

Once the occasional drink…

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Addictions: Jessie Ware – “Tough Love”.

Pulp and Circumstance, Juiced.

The video for Jessie Ware’s new track, “Tough Love”. Every single thing about this is amazing, addicting, adoring. She continues to kill it.

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Improving the System for Our Loved Ones: A Mother’s View of Addiction and Services

Depressed teen free Morgue file

Guest author: name withheld for confidentiality

The day before Christmas, I received a phone call from my oldest son asking me to pick him up on a downtown corner in a risky neighborhood. He gets in the car wearing sunglasses even though the day is dark and cloudy.  My inner alarm sounds and my heart starts to tear… he is high again.  Back home I watch him slowly begin to detox. How many times does this need to happen?  My rule is that he can stay at home as long as he is willing to get help. Of course he agrees as he has nowhere to go. We plan to go to a local hospital inpatient unit but you have to be in a certain physical state to get admitted, and this depends on who is doing the intake and bed availability. Sometimes he can be admitted, sometimes not-…

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Are You Addicted?


Did you know that some people have additive personalities and find it easier to be addicted to substances, people, work, or habits than others? For some addiction can be a real struggle. Even if you are in a relationship with a person that is an addict it can greatly affect your day to day life too. In part you are guilty by association and can experience the same highs and lows as the person who is the addict. Waiting for a phone call, preparing yourself before entering the home, or meeting them because you never know what kind of mood that they are going to be in. You are on the roller coaster ride with them.

I had the opportunity once to attend a seminar held by Jeff VanVonderen at First Church in Winston Salem, NC. This seminar was packed with helpful information on how to overcome addiction and help…

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Why is Alcoholics Anonymous sacrosanct?

Sharp and Pointed

Alcoholics Anonymous: Cult or Cure? front coverby Chaz Bufe, author of Alcoholics Anonymous: Cult or Cure?

AA is arguably America’s most sacred cow, and has been almost since it first came to public notice prior to World War II. During the three-quarters of a century since then, while the country was inundated in pro-AA books and newspaper and magazine articles, entire decades went by without publication of a single book critical of AA, or a single critical article in a major periodical. This has changed a bit in recent years, but public criticism of AA is still relatively rare.


AA presents alcohol abuse as an entirely personal problem, and preaches that AA always “works if you work it.” If someone goes to AA and it doesn’t work for them, they tend not to talk about it, because of the stigma attached to alcohol abuse and because they probably do believe what they heard in AA–that it’s…

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