Holly L Campbell, CADC, RMSR, SQP

Are You Addicted?


Did you know that some people have additive personalities and find it easier to be addicted to substances, people, work, or habits than others? For some addiction can be a real struggle. Even if you are in a relationship with a person that is an addict it can greatly affect your day to day life too. In part you are guilty by association and can experience the same highs and lows as the person who is the addict. Waiting for a phone call, preparing yourself before entering the home, or meeting them because you never know what kind of mood that they are going to be in. You are on the roller coaster ride with them.

I had the opportunity once to attend a seminar held by Jeff VanVonderen at First Church in Winston Salem, NC. This seminar was packed with helpful information on how to overcome addiction and help…

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