Holly L Campbell, CADC, RMSR, SQP

Florida Criminal & Family Law

In last week’s blog, DUI – Property Damage, I mentioned that there are roadside sobriety exercises, such as the Walk and Turn exercise, the Finger to Nose exercise, and the One Leg Stand exercise, that officers request people to perform during a DUI investigation.

Roadside exercises, also called field sobriety exercises, are tasks designed to measure a person’s coordination, balance, and mental awareness. The roadside tasks are administered by law enforcement officers, in many cases an officer who is a member of a DUI Task Force, after a traffic stop (or at a DUI checkpoint) when the officers have reasonable suspicion that the driver of the vehicle is under the influence, whether it be under the influence of drugs or of alcohol. Administering these roadside tasks transforms a traffic stop into a DUI investigation.

“Reasonable suspicion” is the legal standard of proof required for officers to begin a DUI investigation. In order for an…

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