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Naloxone is not enough

Naloxone saves lives. That’s good. Very good. However, naloxone is not enough. Naloxone is not enough for EMS workers. “As EMS providers, this call is a success,” Hassan says. “In the big picture of health care, is it a success? Well, no, it’s incomplete right now. For it to be a total success he’d get […]



Substance Use Disorders as a category

There’s been a big change in the way professionals and advocates talk and think about drug and alcohol problems over the last several years. On one end, we have professionals changing the classifications and mental models for substance use problems. On the other end, we have recovery advocates changing the definition of recovery. Before we […]


Conviction for Refusing to Submit to DUI Test Reversed

While the following case summary concerns federal law on DUI (in Yosemite, a federal park), its holding applies equally to the state law, such as California’s, regarding the admonition a police officer must give to a suspect about submitting to a breath or blood test.  When the admonition is unclear or simply wrong, no conviction […]


Comprehensive Addiction Bill Passes Senate

Addictions to painkillers, heroin and alcohol are chronic diseases just like diabetes or heart disease. Up until a few weeks ago, there was no legislation..


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