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Is a Red Light Camera Ticket Proper If the City Fails to Comply with the 30 Day Notice Requirement for Such Tickets?

When someone receives an envelope in the mail giving notice that a photographic record exists of his or her car running a red light and stating what the fee is, there is a sense of being violated.  There is a natural question that arises of “what if the camera was not properly synchronized to the […]


Is a DUI or a Wet Reckless Possible on a Bicycle?

One cannot be DUI on a bike, right?  Wrong.  The following case summary involved a gentleman who rode his bike to Dodger Stadium for a Dodger game, had a few beers while there and then tried to ride his bike home.  It did not work out well.  Click on the following link to find out […]


Gateway Supports Safe Passage Initiative Program

Gateway Alcohol & Drug Treatment Centers is part of a program called Safe Passage Initiative through the Dixon Police Department. The Safe Passage Initiative is a program that allows individuals struggling with heroin addiction to go to the police or sheriff’s department and turn over their drugs and drug equipment without fear of being arrested. Instead, the […]


Dangerous Treatment and the Science of Safety

We are concerned about the dangers of addiction as never before. For good reason–the opioid epidemic has become an overdose epidemic. One undercurrent in the coverage of the issue is the implication that abstinence-based treatment contributes to overdose deaths. (There’s no question maintenance drugs reduce overdose risk and short term abstinence-based treatment of opioid addiction […]


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