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Trending: How the Stigma of Mental Health is Changing with Pop Culture

Trending: How the Stigma of Mental Health is Changing with Pop Culture

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Addiction: A Disease Delegitimized by Stigma

Professional medical associations, such as the American Society of Addiction Medicine and American Medical Association, define addiction as a disease just like diabetes, cancer, or heart disease. Articulating a usable definition of what “disease” actually is can be surprisingly difficult, as notions of health vary by context. Dorland’s Medical Dictionary generally defines disease as any […]

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Co-dependency and Addiction

An addict’s road to recovery can be compromised by a person who exhibits co-dependency symptoms. If you are living with an addict or a recovering one, do you have co-dependency habits that can get in the way of full recovery of a person in a womens drug rehab center in Vancouver? Here are some signs […]

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Addressing the Heroin/Opioid Epidemic

The United States is in the midst of an epidemic. The small county I work in reports 3-5 calls per day for opiate related overdoses. Treatment programs from around the area have huge wait lists and people are dying every day. Experts at a recent round table discussion on the problem are predicting that it […]


Help Your Drunk Driving Defense Case

Have your mandatory alcohol and drug evaluation completed prior to going to trial.

The first reason for this suggestion is if you do have an alcohol or drug problem, the sooner you face the problem, the sooner you are on the road to beating the problem.

Second, even if you do not have a drug or alcohol problem, the sooner you seek a private, independent assessment, the more likely this prompt action will impress your trial judge, in the event of a conviction or if your DUI-DWI attorney can arrange a favorable negotiated plea in your case.

Furthermore, the results of you actions may also be used by your attorney in his or her discussions with the prosecutor.

If this evaluation shows you have no drug or alcohol problems, this might give some credence to yet another reason why the charges against you might be lessened.

Call today for your evaluation 314-956-3139

Want to reduce mental illness? Address trauma. Want to save the world? Address trauma.

Want to reduce mental illness? Address trauma. Want to save the world? Address trauma..

The Informal Pharmacy

“Globally it’s the brand of Small Town Insanity” 
( The Informal Pharmacy )

All the boys in a row fraternally
withhold and grant opportunistically.
Surviving on the “no tell” philosophy
developing the powers of dependance.
Selectively affecting the destiny
while bearing toxic gifts of gratuity.
Globally it’s the brand of small town insanity.

Look behind the mask of the propriety.
See through the window of opportunity.
Around the view promoted politically.
Past the misuses of history
to the avoidance of present reality.
You’ll uncover the local gentry.
Globally it’s the brand of small town insanity.

The gentry laugh unceasingly
playing the game blatantly
banking on the prosperity.
Users take it humorously
while looking at the hypocrisy
recognizing the fraternity.
Their victims aren’t always the enemy.

It has to be dealt with truthfully.
Know what to look for you will see
which of the pillars of the community
hold the keys to the informal pharmacy.
Living beyond their means materially
toys for the boys can be costly.
Globally it’s the brand of small town insanity.

Ironically victims possess the key
to the powers of the local gentry.
Votes of disapproval don’t you see
can close the window of opportunity.
Spoken in united group harmony
only your truth will set you free.
Globally it’s the brand of small town insanity.

Strangers don’t go away accidentally
seeking distant equal opportunity
it’s just not their brand of insanity.

Author: James L. Halstrum  ( The Stone Shadow )
(C)  1991 All rights reserved.

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